A Review of Studies Based on Ottoman Tahrir Registers

In the last 20 years, there has been substantial increase in the number of academic studies based on Ottoman tahrir registers. In this period, the thesis written in the departments of (Ottoman) History were to a great extent on the tahrir registers. By means of these MA and PhD studies there appeared considerable databank on the social and economic history of the Ottoman Empire. They provided exceptional information on issues such as urban history, agriculture, taxation, population and the custom of the empire. Despite such positive aspects of these studies, there are some deficiencies as well. The tahrir registers contain unrefined heaps of data that are not systematically classified and there are frequent repetitions. When the tahrir studies were put together, they would include all aspects of Ottoman Empire. But since there is not any specific system or method, it becomes quite difficult to combine these studies. This paper intends to point out the deficiencies of these studies and gives a bibliography of tahrir studies.


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