Statistics as Economic History Sources and Statistics in DIE History

This article covers the review of a nine-volume book published within the framework of the project “Historical Statistics Series” carried out by DIE (State Institute of Statistics). These volumes, published in series, include quantitative data regarding foreign trade, population, agriculture, industry, education, prices and wages in the Ottoman State. The names of the volumes reviewed in the article are as follow: 1. Ottoman Foreign Trade in the 19th Century 2. The Population of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey 1500-1927 3. Agricultural Statistics of Turkey During the Ottoman Period 1909, 1913 and 1914 4. Ottoman Industry, Industrial Census of 1913 and 1915 5. The First Statistical Yearbook of the Ottoman Empire 6. Education and Statistics in Modernization: from Tanzimat to the Republic, 1839-1924 7. 500 Years of Prices and Wages in Istanbul and Other Cities, 1469-1998 8. The First Population Census During the Ottoman Empire, 1831 9. Data and Statistics in the Ottoman Empire


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