Mehmet Bulut, Ottoman-Dutch Economic Relations in the Early Modern Period 1571-1699

This article presents the review of literature on the history of Turkish Law in the Republican Period. For this end it dwells mainly upon two journals, namely Türk Hukuk ve İktisat Tarihi Mecmuası and Türk Hukuk Tarihi Dergisi, published in the late 1930s and early 40s by Fuat Köprülü. This study attempts to draw the attention of the reader by emphasizing the need for these journals. It is clear that scholars, who are interested in Turkish Law, did not pay enough concern to this field. However, the author stresses that apart from his studies in other fields, Professor Ömer Lütfi Barkan, who was the leading figure of History of Turkish Literature, interested to the history of Turkish Law with great curiosity. It is also argued that there are at least two main reasons for the indifference to the field. First, the field requires interdisciplinary studies. But more important is that scholars of Turkish Law do not have a claim for their own history and geography.


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