On Ottoman Cash-Waqfs

Cash-waqfs were sui-generis to the Ottoman society. The archival sources of cash-waqfs are quite rich; however, since this issue has not yet been explored enough, our information on their emergence and evolutionary phases in history is not satisfactory. Though Ömer Lütfi Barkan has a pioneering role with his studies on cash-waqfs, it cannot be said that his studies drew much attention at the time of their publications. In the 1990s, the cash-waqfs were brought to the forefront as credit institutions. This concern led to the publication of three valuable works, which were based on considerable archival sources. Having reviewed these three works, this article points out the related archival sources. It further touches upon possible topics for new studies in the field, and problems that can be enlightened with these new studies. Finally, the article concludes by listing the academic works in the field.


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