The Education of Old Turkish Literature From Tanzimat Until Republican Era

In this study we aimed at examining the instruction of Old Turkish Literature and its development through the era. First we tried to give general idea of the course curricula and course books that were used in the schools before the Tanzimat period. Afterwards, we want to determine how an Old Turkish Literature was instructed, how it was developed between Tanzimat, a milestone of our education system, and Republican period (1839-1923). We classified the curricula of rüfldiye, idâdî-sultânî and institutions of higher education according to their grades and arranged them chronologically. Then, we tried to give information about Old Turkish Literature parts of course books that were used in the secondary and higher education. We summarized the general curriculum of Old Turkish Literature at the end of that sections. Finally, we gave a bibliography containing studies of instruction and the curricula of Old Turkish Literature.


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