The Literature of Necâtî Bey and Şeyh Galib

Necâtî and Şeyh Gâlib were the important names of classical Turkish poetry. Necâtî who was grown up in the XVth century was the forerunner of classical poetry. He is also known as the one who makes Turkish as poetical language and he used to give great importance to proverb and idioms on his poems. This attitude of him provides to understand his poems easily. Şeyh Gâlib who lived in the XVIIIth century was the peak of classical poetry. He was also the representative of Sebk-i Hindî genre. Lots of couplets of poet -in point of meaning had the character of not revealing themselves directly. In this study; books, articles, reports and theses about these two poets and their works are listed and evaluated. As a result, we can say that both Necâtî and Şeyh Gâlib have not been revealed in every aspect so far. Thus, it is pointed that these two poets could be studied in different ways. Thinking of that it would be useful for further works to emphasize on the topics, which have not been studied so far. As methodology, we should use comparative method in our analyses to understand better these two poets and the poetic tradition in general and to follow accurately the development of Turkish Poetry.


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