The Woman Writers in Old Turkish Literature

The main aim of this article is to collect the literature on women poets in Old Turkish Literature (Divan Literature). To come up with this task, articles, thesises, lectures, books and encyclopedia entries is collected. In the introduction of the article, views of the pioneering researchers such as Kemal Sılay, Zehra Toska and Nazan Bekiroğlu were given via references to their articles on the subject. Ottoman literature, in general, has been thought as an patriarchal tradition and women poets has been handled in such a context. While Kemal Sılay, using feminist theory, evaluate this tradition as a patriarchal tradition, Nazan Bekiroğlu state that women poets are poor in number because they do not have a poetic tradition of their own. Zehra Toska, in contrast, argues that the tradition is gender-independent. Therefore, it is not a true approach to think of Ottoman poetry in terms of gender. I think the last one (that of Toska) is a more realistic approach.


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