Debates on Education and Ideologies in the Hamidian Period

It is known that there are important roles of late Ottoman modernization movements in the establishment of modern Turkey. Among these movements, educational developments in the period of Abdulhamid II have a significant place. Great qualitative and quantitative changes have been occurred in the field of education in this time. Thence, a new page has opened in the fate of the state and society. Intellectual, bureaucratic and military staff that founded the new Republic has been trained in the newly opened schools in the period of Abdulhamid II. Lots of researches have been done so far from different perspectives on these schools and reforms. The researches that especially have been done in the recent 20-30 years have revealed new dimensions and paradigms differently from the past researches. In this paper, the findings of the researches that have been performed recently and at the past -especially performed abroad and translated to Turkish- were comparatively discussed.


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