Two Great Representatives of the Classical Ottoman Education System: Fatih and Süleymaniye Madrasas

Medrese was the most significant educational institution in the Ottoman realm. It educated the learned class, influenced the administrative philosophy, the concept of religion/religious sect, method of conquest and played a major role in urbanization as well providing an identity to the society. Among various madrasas established within the Ottoman territories in various periods, Fatih and Suleimaniye medreses represented a high-level of education system superior to the previous ones and transformed, to a great extent, the successive ones in terms of the high-standard eligibility conditions for teacherhood, curriculum, organization and new külliye (building complex) concept which could be understood within the interaction of the various külliye components with each other. The present article aims to discuss and introduce the works done up to now within the above-mentioned scope, particularly focusing on the educational features.


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