Osman Nuri Ergin: Kırkanbar Author in our Education History

The great researcher of various studies on municipality, city, administration, law, construction and the history of education, Osman Nuri Ergin (1882/1883-1961) was born in Malatya in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Known as one of the most prominent authorities in the stated fields, Ergin has been famous for his timeless works, style, internal world and political attitude. This article aims to introduce his works on the history of education starting with his brief biography. Then it delves in detail into his most important work on the history of education, Türkiye Maarif Tarihi (History of Education in Turkey) in the light of its sources. These sources of Türkiye Maarif Tarihi have been analyzed under the following headings; Manuscripts and published books, those individuals Ergin received articles from or conducted interviews with, those whose writings or lectures he narrated either in part or in full, memoir serials and periodicals.


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