A Review on the Ministry of Public Education: The History of the Organization and its Activities

The text at hand, which was penned with the encouragement and amenities provided by the Minister of National Education of the period, Mr. Ahmet Şükrü, delves into the history, organization, and activities of the Ministry of Public Education between 1824 and 1892. It was written by Mahmud Cevad, who is also known as a Bektashi Sheikh. Mahmud Cevad has organized the events he encountered at different levels of his duty at Müellef Maarifin in a chronological order by employing original sources according to the tenure of office at the Ministry of Education. The most important feature of this work is that it is a source book for the historians of Turkish education as well as constituting the first source to encapsulate compact information about the Ministry of Education. Here in this article, after introducing the work entitled 'Ministry of Public Education: The History of the Organization and its Activities' I will evaluate the way it was written and analyze its contents. The place and importance of this work for the history of Turkish education will also be pointed out.


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