Architecture in the Republican Era: Definitions, Borders and Possibilities

History of the architectural production in the XXth century Turkey began to be written in the 1960s, when new social dynamics affected the country following the early years of the Republic. These pioneering works interpreted the Republican architectural production within the frame of the nation-state formation, and with reference to its modernization process. This article examines the definitions offered by the first generational works of historiography on the Republican architecture, and discusses the limitations that they have brought about. The definitions of conventional historiography have been criticized since the 1980s by an increasing number of studies on architecture in Turkey during the XXth century. Contemporary studies have begun to reveal new information that aim to reach beyond the limits of the earlier historiography. In order to realize the possibilities presented by these new works, this article emphasizes the need to produce more information on the architecture of the period, which is still not widely acknowledged as worthy of study, and conservation.


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