Contributions of the Chamber of Turkish Architects

The Chamber of Architects of Turkey (CAT), which was founded in 1954 under a private law, is defined in the Constitution as an institution working for the interest of public and society. CAT is a professional organization responsible for regulating the architectural profession and registration to CAT is compulsory for the practice of the architectural profession in Turkey. Problems of the architectural profession and the architects are directly linked with the construction planning and the public improvement process in our country. Therefore, since its foundation, CAT has been closely monitoring the urbanization problems and making the necessary interventions. CAT, which celebrated the 55th anniversary of its foundation in 2009, has a unique history. CAT’s missions are growing every year; from architectural education to continuous professional development (CPD), from the recognition of professional qualifications to international accreditation, CAT initiates discussions with other related institutions in a wide range of fields with an aim to contribute to the restructuring of the professional environment. Besides protecting the rights of architects throughout the country, CAT, as a professional organization in the service of society, also works for providing a healthy living environment.


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