METU Graduate Program in History of Architecture

year by first awarding the degree for the Master of Arts. The degree for the Doctor of Philosophy followed in 2005. Defining its area of specialty in the intersection zone of architecture, social sciences and humanities, the program is organized under the Department of Architecture and is affiliated with the Institute of Social Sciences. This juncture has enabled the preservation of its identity as a historical field of study without departing from the perspective of architecture, and provided the possibility of opening to new and different fields besides these conventional disciplinary partners. The program seeks to equip students with requisite knowledge and research skills with the aim to contribute to architectural history at national and international levels. It subscribes to critical, inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary approaches in line with the current theoretical and methodological changes in the discipline. As such, the program aims at participating in contemporary platforms of research and education in order to share the architectural knowledge it produces at national and international settings, and to play an active role in the professionalization of architectural history as a discipline.


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