The Theory of Turkish Music in the Republican Period

Apart from books and archival documents (museum), newspapers and journals constitute a significant primary source for the evaluation, study and research of Turkish cultural, scientific and artistic worlds in the Ottoman and Republican periods. This study aims to form a bibliography of articles and presentations on the theory of Turkish music in the Republican period based on journals alone. Focusing on the years between 1931-2000, it provides descriptive summaries of these articles and presentations and also lists their full bibliographic information in alphabetical order and chronology. These articles and presentations consist of the history and theory of “makam” music, reports and answers written on these subjects, biographies, history and theory of folk music, religious music and instrument making. Bibliographies are expected to assist the scholars greatly in their study of theoretical works conducted in this period by bringing into light the views of theoreticians and works and presentations on “makam” and folk music.


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