Art History Bibliographies

Quick access to the sources of knowledge is vital for researchers competing with time in a world that is transforming so rapidly. The conventional wisdom in doing research is to start readings on the topic from the most basic and easily identifiable sources of the field and to proceed further from their bibliographies. However, these few bibliographies provide the reader with only limited perspective. This is why bibliographies compiled by scanning books and periodicals on a specific field facilitate the research process considerably. Hence we aim here to introduce bibliographical works of art history conducted in Turkey grouped under the following headings: General Bibliographies on Art History and Archeology, Bibliographies Limited to Special Topics, Bibliographies on Countries and Cities, Bibliographies of Individuals Writing on Art and Art History, Bibliographies of the Publications of Official Institutions and Voluntary Organizations, Bibliographies of Articles, Bibliographies of Periodicals and Symposium Papers and Bibliographies of Undergraduate and Graduate Theses.

Aziz Doğanay

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