Pioneer Institutions in Art History

İnâs Sanâyi-i, Nefîse Mektebi, Medresetü’l-Hattâtîn ve Dârülbedâyi are known as the leading institutions in fine arts education. Playing a key role in the development of Turkish art history, they also have great significance for the history of Turkish education. This study intends to place the abovementioned institutions under closer scrutiny and it seeks to reveal their organizational structure, educational staff and programs, administrative features and the various stages they have been through. In doing this, the books, the articles and the symposium papers of scholars with expertise in the field are subjected to thorough and systematic examination in a chronological order. Furthermore, the establishment and the evolution of art history as a department in university have been traced within the framework of educational and cultural policies of the early Republican period.

F. Nalan Türkmen

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