Istanbul Memoirs from the Perspective Everyday Life

Daily life, that is, the life of the ordinary man, is an issue in which contemporary historiography takes an interest. Both in the West and in Turkey there has been an increase in the number of studies that try to ascertain the changes and developments which have occurred in the life of the ordinary man from the past until the present day. Memoirs, which are among the main works in the studies that are being examined here, can be used as a starting point. In comparison with other works, memoirs that include descriptions of the city and city life in particular can provide a great deal of data on the city. Throughout history, it has always been Istanbul which has been the most important city in demonstrating changes in the daily life of the Ottoman Era. A bibliographic examination is provided in this paper, which takes into account memoirs and other similar works that were written and published as books from the Tanzimat to the Republic.


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