A Bibliography of Periodicals on Istanbul

It has been understood that periodicals which cover a wide variety of topics, although providing information on general subjects, attract greater interest when they focus on only one subject and provide in-depth knowledge on this matter. Without a doubt, one of the most important of such subject areas is Istanbul. Although we can easily state that the city which has been the subject of the most periodicals is Istanbul, to date there has been no attainable or comprehensive index for periodicals related to this city. Istanbul is a city in which people belonging to a number of different races and religions have lived and which has served as the capital city for a number of different civilizations; as a capital which has attracted a great deal of attention from a number of different nations over the centuries, Istanbul is still a centre of attention today. In connection with this interest, this unique city has had thousands of publications dedicated to it; a large number of official or private magazines and newspapers that have devoted numerous articles to the city, including special issues, have been published and are still being published. This study has been formed in part to bring these publications together and to establish a comprehensive index to ease the problems in attaining such publications. This great variety in publications began with the periodical Salname-i Devlet-i Aliyye-i Osmaniyye (1263/1846-1929) and continues apace with Fen İşleri Beyoğlu (2011 Special).


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