Symposiums about Istanbul

This study aims to prepare a summary of the literature compiled from the bulletins of activities such as symposiums, congresses, conferences, seminars, panel discussions and meetings held about the city of Istanbul. A city, as far as its definition is concerned, is the common point for different workspaces, such as history, culture, geography, politics, social life, economics, art, administration and natural environment. From this aspect, while Istanbul, at times, constitutes a subject for a symposium in its own right; at other times it appears as a subtopic for symposiums in different fields. Over time there has been an increase in the number of symposiums and other such activities concerned with Istanbul. This increase in the number of symposiums, which provide a platform for discussions about shared knowledge, is vital in terms of contributions to literature on Istanbul. We should not overlook the fact that bibliography studies may be incomplete as events at symposiums are still continuing, and for this reason there may be sources that have not yet been noticed or which have not yet been published.


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