Dirayah Tafsirs in the Ottoman Era

The Ottoman State constitutes one of the most remarkable periods of Islamic history. It also represents the continuation of the ongoing traditions up to its time. By writing exegeses, translations, and glosses over glosses of the entire Qur'an, or certain chapters from the Qur'an, the Ottoman scholars both continued and contributed to the tradition. There are general or monographic works introducing or examining their contributions. With the help of these works, it has become possible to shed light over the historical episode of the exegesis studies during the Ottoman period. In this article, we will not only present the development of the works related to this subject, but also deal with the exegeses of dirayah, provide short biographies of their authors, brief introduction and evaluations of their works, and mention the works that were written about them. In this way, we will present the scholarly accumulation in Turkey in the field of the exegeses of dirayah written during the Ottoman period and aim to shed light for future works on the subject.


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