Al-Kassaf and Anwar al-Tanzil Hashiyas in the Ottomans

This study is about hashiya books written by Ottoman scholars on the tafsir of Zamahshari entitled al-Kassaf, and the tafsir of al-Baydawi entitled Anwar al-Tanzil. A general introduction of these works in terms of their context and contents is followed by a brief analysis of eight annotations (hashiyas) written on these two tafsirs. The contents of these works as well as their contexts, sources, print and manuscript editions are elaborated. In the end, an Ottoman hashiya literature on Al-Kassaf and Anwar al-Tanzil prepared with reference to biographic and bibliographic sources is presented. Moreover, the study provides a list of library records for those manuscripts with available catalogue information as well as articles and dissertations based on these works.


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