The Original Works and Translations of Tafsir History Sources in the Ottoman and Republican Times

Many works have been compiled in the field of the history of tafsîr on the basis of different systems. Thus it is possible to tackle the literature in question within the framework of different classifications. A categorical and structural presentation can be conducted just as validly as a chronological presentation. In all cases, it is possible to portray an array of advantages and disadvantages. Despite the presence of many works in the field of the history of tafsîr, not many of them problematize the historiography of tafsir writing. In reality, studies dealing with the historiography of tafsîr are in a complementary position to the works on the history of tafsîr. Accordingly, there is a need to evaluate the works conducted in the field of the history of tafsîr with reference to an analytical and critical perspective. In this sense, this article aims to realize two goals. First, it tries to provide information about the original works and translations in the Ottoman and Republican periods. Secondly, there will be an emphasis on problems related to the historiography of tafsîr.


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