Feraiz Literature

Muslim scholars have conducted a number of studies on inheritance law as an indication of importance they attribute to this topic from the time of the Prophet’s companions on. Despite considerable differences as to content and purpose, this scholarly endeavor steadily persisted throughout the Ottoman period. This study aims at reviewing the literature of the late period of Islam, in which the Ottoman inheritance law literature takes place, with special focus on three main texts including Abū Tāhir al-Sadjāwandī's (d. 596/1200) al-Siradjiyya, Ibn al-Mutafannina er-Rahbī's (d. 579/1183) al-Rahbīya, and Abu'l-Qasim Al-Hawfī's (d. 583/1184) el-Hawfīya, alongside the commentaries, annotations, and poetry and handbooks related to these texts.


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