The Literature On Molla Hüsrev's Dürerü'l-Hükkâm

This study is undertaken to introduce the literature on Mollā Khusraw's Durar al-hukkām fī sharh Gurar al-ahkām, which was written in the 9th /15th century and had a significant place in the educational and legal system of the Ottoman state. About a hundred works have been identified as sharh, hāshiyya, ta'līq, ikhtisār, raddiyya, poetry or translation, most of which were written by Ottoman scholars and jurists (mudarris and qādī) belonging to the ilmiyya class. The identified manuscripts have been classified according to their topics and presented along with brief information on their authors and contents. This attempt has aimed to contribute to the understanding of the fiqh education and legal thought in the Ottoman period. This study is the most comprehensive one introducing the literature on Durer; on the other hand, due to the limitations on the accessible number of manuscript copies such as the incomplete nature of library catalogues, it serves as a preliminary work for further studies.


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