Literature of Islamic Law (Fiqh) in the Ottoman Period: Âlim Muhammed b. Hamza's Fıqh Treatises

This study investigates the risâlahs of the faqih and the provincial müfti, Alim Muhammed b. Hamza al-Aydınî, who lived in the second half of the 17th century and in the beginings of 18th century, and had an influence on the history of Ottoman science. We aim in this article to contribute to the literature of Islamic law in general, and to the studies concerning Ottoman risâlahs related to fiqh. Hence we start with a brief overview of the position of fiqh risâlahs in the Ottoman era, then outline the biography of Alim Muhammed b. Hamza and finally, classify risâlahs according to their themes, thein analyze from the viewpoint of theirs ources, contents and formal features.


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