Fiqh Literature in the Turkish in Turkish Republic: An Output

This article aims to construct a short history of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) in the Republican era. Covering the period between 1928-2015, it examines not only those texts produced in Turkish universities, but also scholarly works penned outside the academia. Dividing the time interval into six periods, it first seeks to answer how fiqh survived in academic literature under the one-party regime. Then, by tracing the return of Islamic studies into the Turkish universities under the umbrella of Ilahiyat, it draws certain correspondences between the publishing of texts on Islamic jurisprudence and the development of Islamism in Turkey. Based on a bibliographic catalogue prepared for this study that is collected from different academic databases, it provides an analysis of quantitative data as well as an interpretation of representative works of each period. As such, this study serves to shed light on the milestones of historical process, and ascertain the changing concerns and prominent issues within the popular works of this literature.


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