Historiography of the Islamic Sects From The Ottoman to the Republican Era

Abstract The History of Islamic Madhabs, as a discipline, has been able to establish its own tradition at the onset of the organizational process of Islamic thought. Works penned in this field such as Maqalat, Firaq and Milel-Nihal constitute the main sources that contain the views of madhabs and the schools of thought. Despite the determining role of the tradition of Maqalat and Firaq within the basic Islamic sciences with their distinctive method and literature, it has been neglected over time. On the other hand, this discipline has progressed considerably to our day as a field which describes, understands, explains and analyzes the schools of ideological and political thoughts in the context of factors that affect their occurrence, developmental processes and their contributions to Islamic thought. The era from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic constitutes one of the most substantial stages of that tradition from past to present. This paper aims to locate the Maqalat and Firaq books, which were compiled in the aforementioned period, to determine classifications in order to understand the madhabs and finally to evaluate the methods followed in these studies.


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