Literature of Prophethood in the Ottoman Period

This article is an assessment of the Ottoman literature of prophethood. In this context some issues related to dalā'il al-nubuwwa, hasāis al-nubuwwa, mu'jiza and ismat al-anbiya, al-abawayn al-rasul have been examined. The bibliographic works were obtained through surveys carried out in Islamic Research Center (İSAM), the Database of Turkish Libraries, the Collective Catalog of Turkish Manuscript (, the National Collective Catalog (TO-KAT) and various other library catalogs. Each of the compiled works falling under the title of propethood has been listed by the date of the death of its author. The attained library records and manuscripts have been taken into consideration as much as possible and the main contents of important works have been introduced. This study aims at a determination of the scope of the prophethood literature formed in the Ottoman period. It also seeks to identify the contemporary issues and problems as well as addressing the methods and approaches in dealing with them. Thus, we will try to make a small contribution to the Ottoman theological thought related to prophethood and open a door for further studies.


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