The Creed Treatises in the Ottomans in Light of el-Akâ'idü'n-Nesefiyye ve el-Akâ'idü'l-Adudiyye: Problems, Characteristics and Literature

This article analyzes the general characteristics of treatises on creed (akaid) with reference to Omar al-Nasafī's al-Aqā'id al-Nasaf īya and 'Adud al-Dīn al-Ījī's al-Aqā'id al-'Adudīya. It also considers the role played by some of the commentaries and glosses written on these works on the Ottoman education system. Furthermore it aims to determine the factors influential in the canonization of these works and their rise to prominence. The second part of the article consists of a review of the published literature on al-Aqā'id al-Nasafīya, and a listing of the extant literature on al-Aqā'id al-'Adudīya, whether available in print or in manuscript form only.


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