Poetical Akâid Treatises from the Ottoman Period until Today

In the Ottoman period, the madrasas, where Islamic sciences were taught, had spread over the empire. Trained in these institutions, many scholars composed works in the Islamic sciences. These works are available in our libraries in manuscript form. Today, this immense scholarly accumulation is not sufficiently recognized, which is a major flaw for any contemporary work on the Islamic sciences. 'Aqaid, especially in poetical form, has constituted a major field for these Islamic studies because of the ease in learning and memorizing these texts. While main sources of the Maturidi tradition were being translated, separate poetical 'aqaid books in were also being composed. This study aims to present these poetical works that remain in our libraries. The authors of some of these works as well as their contents are introduced, while some others have just been presented in name.


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