The Works of Ottoman Scholars on the Abu Hanifa's Creed Treatises

The works written in Ottoman Turkey on Abu Hanifa's articles of faith constitute the subject of this article. In this context, sharh/commentary and hashiya/ explanatory sort of works written by Ottoman scholars on Fiqh al-Akbar, Fiqh al-Absat, al-Âlim wal-Muta'allim, al-Wasiyya and al-Risâla are defined and classified. Moreover, mistakes detected in bibliographic sources are corrected. Thus, by introducing the works of Abu Hanifa and other popular studies based upon these works in Ottoman society, it is intended to establish a solid ground for further studies. In order to grasp how Abu Hanifa's opinions were understood and interpreted in time, it is of utter significance to start by defining a list of works that were based on his studies. This study, hence, also aims to contribute a literature survey for further studies that deal with the understanding of religion in Ottoman society.


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