Some Important References for Yasawiyya Studies


Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, who lived in Central Asia in the 12th century C.E., was a Sufi who left deep traces in the lives of the inhabitants of the region. His Sufi path, continued by his disciples after his demise, is called Yasawiyya and this Sufi school became influential in Central Asia from the 12th to the 19th centuries. For a correct understanding of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi’s life, views, and the history of the Yasawiyya order, it is necessary to find and study primary sources written on this subject. However, a significant portion of such works has not been published yet and can be found scattered in the libraries around the world. This article is written with the aim to introduce these works written in Central Asian, Turkish and Persian languages. In this article, the books are divided into two sections. In the first section, the books that were written by or attributed to Ahmed Yasawi have been introduced; while in the second section, the books written about Ahmed Yasawi, Yasawiyya masters or Yasawiyya manners have been examined. Therefore, this article has been written to benefit the researchers of Yasawiyya. Acquiring copies of the books introduced in this article and publishing the ones that have yet to be published would be a significant contribution to the history of The Yasawiyya order.

Keywords: Sufism, Central Asia, Ahmad Yasawi, Yasawiyya Sufi Order, Primary Sources.

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