Turkish Hadith Collections and Commentaries by Sufis - A Bio-Bibliographic Study based on the Translators (1928-2017)


The interest and contribution of the Sufis in the studies of hadith is well-known. In fact, hadith scholarship has usually been intertwined with studies on Sufism. The most important indication of this relationship is the expression of “Sufi- muhaddis”, or people known as both Sufis and hadith scholars.

Our work is bio-bibliographic. It is arranged according to the last names of the translators. It deals with selected hadiths and their commentaries and “salavat” collections, which had been translated into Turkish since the Alphabet Revolution (November 1, 1928). It has also identified translations from Arabic to Turkish as well as transliterations and simplifications from Ottoman Turkish.

The study has also listed the first selections of hadith by Sufis in Republican Turkey. The first translation was published in 1940. 32 out of the 104 translators have not been identified. 72 short biographies have been provided. 94 articles have been detected.

Keywords: Sufi-Muhaddis, Madith Translations.

Yusuf Turan Günaydın
Makaleyi indir

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