A Bibliography for Symposiums and Congresses about Sufism in Turkey


This study aims to provide an overview of scholarly studies on Sufism in Turkey on the basis of symposiums and congresses organized on the subject. It is divided under the following headings:

  • The Annual Rise in the Number of Symposiums on Sufism

  • Symposiums in Terms of their Organizing Foundations

  • Themes covered in Symposiums and Congresses

  • The List of Congresses and Symposiums Held Between 1946-2018

  • Selected Bibliography of Symposiums on Sufism

    The bibliography has revealed that while the number of congresses on Sufism has gradually decreased and focused on a narrow pool of subjects, the number of symposiums as well as the diversity of their subjects have increased. Joint projects between different disciplines and institutions have also started to characterize the symposiums. One should, however, approach these lists with caution and realize that they may increase by taking different sources into consideration.

    Keywords: Sufism, Symposium, Congress, Symposiums on Sufism, Congresses on Sufism.

Efe Yeşildurak
Makaleyi indir

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