Studies on the Tanzimat and Political History Works Done in the Tanzimat Era

The Tanzimat Edict, which marked the beginning of one of the most important turning points of Turkish-Ottoman history, has been intensively discussed after its proclamation in 1839. Not only the Tanzimat Edict, but also the period that started with this edict is still being discussed. Very few event and period has attracted such concern, as Tanzimat did. However, while there were many who sided with the Tanzimat (reforms) and exalted it, there were many others who se- verely criticized it. Therefore, due to the ideological approaches the edict itself and the period have not been studied thoroughly. In this sense, this article aims to make a contribution to the re-evaluation of the period, which still affects our present day via its consequences. This article is threefold. The first part comprises of analyses and interpretations that perceived Tanzimat as a reform movement and put it to the center of Turkish modernization paradigm. The political developments from Tanzimat to the present are given in the second part. In this respect, firstly, 19th century studies on Tanzimat, then the Republican perspective of the Tanzimat are analyzed. Furthermore, studies that directly or indirectly mentioned Tanzimat and the bibliographical studies on the period are interpreted. The final part, which might also be regarded as a supplement, presents the literature on the period.


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