Turkish Foreign Policy Literature after 1945

This article analyzes the books written on Turkish Foreign Policy in the post-second world war era. In this respect, books in Turkish and also in English are reviewed in this article. The aim is to provide a general view about Turkish Foreign Policy literature. Since the literature on the subject is very extensive, only basic examples of the literature will be covered. The article examines the post- 1945 literature under two subheadings: Cold War era and post-Cold War era. The Cold War period represented security based and western oriented foreign policy. Although there were changes within this period, the real changes occurred with the end of Cold War. The post-Cold War period represented a diversification in Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkey's relations with its neighboring regions increased. Another classification of the literature of this period is about the subjects and methods of the literature of the period. In this classification the first group of books consists of chronological, extensive and mostly text-books. The second group of books consists of edited books mainly about Turkey's improving relations with neighboring areas.


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