Kadro Journal/Movement and its Effects

Kadro movement is one of the deep-rooted influential intellectual movements in Turkey and almost all studies concerning early years of Turkish Republic refer to the movement. Therefore, it is worthwhile to examine its ideology and its effects. The movement takes its name from the Kadro Journal that was published between January 1932 and January 1935. Since it was very effective on the formation of Turkish State ideology, studying this subject becomes very important for understanding current debates around Turkish state ideology. So some studies on the formation of Turkish State, Turkish Revolutionary Movement, and Turkish modernization have already investigated this subject. Through this paper the methodology will be historical and sociological. This is important and necessary for a better understanding of the sources and the effects of the movement. Because in my opinion clarifying the social, historical and economic conditions, in which the ideology and personality of the founders of the Kadro arose, is necessary for understanding the movement. The direction and form of social change in the early years of Turkey should be examined as a background for the years and circumstances that Kadro Movement was effective. Hence, the evaluation of some important events -preceding and producing the Kadro Movement's world view and characteristics- in both personal history of the Kadro's staff and Turkish Revolution's history become significant for reaching at such a correlation mentioned above. In this work I asked some sub-questions beside the main question that is concerning how and to what extend did the Kadro Movement affect Kemalism as Turkish state ideology, and the Turkish intellectual life?


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