Forum: An Opposition Journal to DP in the Cold War Atmosphere

Forum journal was published between April 1st 1954 and April 28th 1970 and it has 371 issues in total. The main stand of the journal was to oppose to the non-democratic practices of the Democrat Party for the sake of “freedom” and “democracy” and to settle a comprehension of democracy and democratic institutions by Western standards in Turkey. Some opinions and institutional suggestions expressed in the journal, such as the Constitutional Court etc., were applied after May 27th 1960 military coup d'etat. This article examines the Forum journal which is described by Yalcin Kucuk as “the last Turkish intellectual movement originated from university”. It also aims to show the discourse, the mission and the function of the Forum, the democracy perceptions of its writers, and what they think about the problems of Turkish development. Generally, Forum journal is described as a right-wing and pro-American journal. Another goal of this paper is to try to understand and find an answer the question “why did Forum journal as a right-wing circle oppose to the Democrat Party which was described as right-wing and pro-American political party?”


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