Cartography in the Republic of Turkey


Cartography in the Republic of Turkey called in this study; The general state of kartography, a young branch of science yet, in the last 80-90 years of the Ottoman Empire, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire andthe aim of this course is to present general information about developments in the name of cartography, institutional structures and scientific studies in the Republic of Turkey. Because, in order to understand the cartographic developments in the Republic of Turkey, it is a necessity to reveal the progress of the studies and developments in the last periods of the Ottoman Empire along with the transition to the Republic. In this sense, while the importance given to science and scientists in the establishment, development and promotion of the Ottoman Empire was effective, the decline in science and art was equally effective in the collapse and disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. Especially the geographical and cartographic backwardness has a different place in the collapse and distribution of the Ottoman Empire.In this last period, the wars of the Ottoman Empire on different fronts, defeat, soil losses, the problems in providing war maps required in World War I and the War of Independence, the methods of meeting the absolute need for the map with the foundation of the Republic of Turkey and finally, presentation of works that are performed with kartorafik history until today the establishment of the Republic of Turkey is the work's main theme. In this study, qualitative research methods, document analysis and literature review were used.

Keywordscartography, map, Ottoman Empire, Republic of Turkey, history of cartography

Murat Tanrıkulu
Makaleyi indir

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