An Evaluation on the Geographical Information Systems in the Geography Field in Turkey


There are many sub-titles and areas in geography, including physical and human geography. The concept of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) has been added to these areas since the beginning of 1990s with the spread of computers in our country. The main aim of this study is to investigate the publications made in our country about the GIS since 1990s and to reveal its characteristics and study areas. For this purpose, a literature search was carried out in the Geography Departments through the publications of academicians who are specialized in GIS and related studies. In this context, 24 journals, books, book chapters and theses within the YÖK are categorized under the title of GIS and/or as key words and 200 publications are compiled. These reviewed publications are examined and evaluated in the context of GIS contents, topics, study sites and software used. According to this, most GIS content articles are published in Turkish Geographical Review. Also in the publications examined; the GIS analytical functions that implementation of most data classification, as well as less non-existent network analysis, implementation of GIS is at the forefront of physical geography, the maximum working despite being in almost every area of Turkey as a study area that is located within the Marmara Region and most of the ESRI software was used.

Keywords: Geographic Information Systems, Turkey, Geography.

Hasan Özdemir
Makaleyi indir

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