An Evaluation on Political Geography Literature


The development of science and technology in every field has led to the expansion of information and paved the way for sub-disciplines to come into the light in various scientific branches. Significant developments have advanced in the field of geography in line with the developments around the world. The subjects covered by human geography, which is one of the main disciplines of geography, diversified over time. Political geography is a sub-discipline of human geography. Developing at the end of the 19th century, it has become a systematic discipline. Political geography has at times directed world politics. The guidance from political geographers was found to be especially effective during the two great world wars taking place in the first half of the 20th century As with many other fields of research in Turkey, the development of geography has been slow. This study attempts to emphasize the kinds of development, change, and diversification in this field by examining publications in Turkey on “political geography”. In this literature review and analysis, relevant works will be analyzed chronologically with a focus on their content and scope.

Keywords: Political Geography, geopolitics, Turkey.

Hamza Akengin Ayşe Yaşar
Makaleyi indir

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