First 10 Years of Cinema Departments in Turkish Academy (1982-1992) and Tendencies of Film Studies

It is a remarkable precessor giving a start postgraduate studies that cinema was
included curriculum in Turkish universities. Also, the incremental efforts to
establish faculties in the early 1980s provided a consistent support to postgraduate
film studies. Meanwhile, various departments in social sciences gave opportunity
for discussion and understanding of literature with its numerous aspects by
making connections between their areas and cinema. Current study, narrowed by
the years between 1982 and 1992 in which departmentalisation of cinema was
completed in leading universities, aims to examine the process before cinema
academy and later developments. The dissertations submitted between these
years were significantly fed by pre-academic perspectives and discussions.
Therefore, this study examines cinema approaches of pioneer groups and their
considerations about academy in pre-academic period, and civil organisation’s
cinema aproaches and the effect of academy on cinema literature during postacademic
period. This study provides knowlegde about postgraduate dissertations’
study fields, intellectual resources which they were fed by, theoretical bases,
geographic scopes, keywords and makes general assesment.

Yusuf Ziya Gökçek
Makaleyi indir

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