Index of Volumes 32/I – 58th The Journal of Turkish Studies (JTS)

Journal of Turkish Studies is the first academic and scientific Turcology journal was first started to be published in the United States, in 1977 by Şinasi Tekin and Fahir İz. It includes articles on various subjects such as Turkish history, Turkish culture, art history, history of medicine, philosophy, especially Turkish language and literature. With the exception of a few, the volumes after the first issue were published as festschrift to researchers and academics that made significant contributions to their fields. Ali Nihad Tarlan, Orhan Şaik Gökyay, Halil İnalcık, Gerhard Doerfer, Annemarie Schimmel, Abdülbaki Gölpınarlı, Ioanna Kuçuradi, Günay Kut, Eleazer Birnbaum, Heath Lowry, Robert Dankoff and Ali Emîrî Efendi are some of these names. The journal has been continuing its publication life for 45 years as of 2022.The article has been prepared that provides information about the contents of the journal five times, including in 2008. In this article, the directory of the articles on volumes 32/I and 58 of this journal will be included

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