The First Study in the Historiography of Scientific History in the Republican Era

Abdülhak Adnan Adıvar (1882-1955), is recognized as the first science historian of the Turkish Republican Era. “Osmanlı Türklerinde İlim” (Science in the Ottoman Turks), is Adıvar's first work in the field of history of science. “Religion and Science throughout History”, which is a general history of science, is his second major work in the field. In this brief article, the focus is mainly on Abdülhak Adnan Adıvar's “Osmanlı Türklerinde İlim”, rather than discussing his academic works in general. In this regard, this article is a general assessment of the method, content, major topics, bibliography and the significance of the “Science in the Ottoman Turks” in the field of history of Turkish science. Prior to the summary and analysis of the book, a brief introduction on the basic aspects of the Adivar's scholarship is written in order to provide useful insights to the main work. In the summary and analysis of the book, the main topics of the table of contents are taken as basis. In the conclusion part, main criticisms addressed to “Science in the Ottoman Turks” are mentioned with the intention to give the reader a broader perspective.


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