A Traveler of Truth in the Studies of History of Science

Cevat İzgi was one of the leading intellectuals in the studies of History of Ottoman-Turkish Science. This article, after giving brief information about İzgi's biography, his studies and contributions to the History of Ottoman-Turkish Science, will review his essential book Osmanlı Medreselerinde İlim (Science in the Ottoman Madrasas). İzgi's study, Science in the Ottoman Madrasas, analyzes the structure, functions and curriculum of the madrasa as an institution of Ottoman learning system. The author examines the textbooks that were taught in the madrasa. Besides, İzgi mentions about the books which were not normally in the curriculum of the madrasa but taught with special initiatives of the muderris on the specific subject. His book presents the literature on studies concerning tabiî and riyazî sciences. In doing this, the author follows a thematic/analytic approach, rather than chronological. At the same time, İzgi puts considerable emphasis on the relationships between the traditions Ottoman Science and Islamic Science. Therefore, it is a primary reference book for those who study the History of Ottoman Science.


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