Studies on 'Science in Ancient Civilizations'

Anatolia which has been one of the first significant settlement places in the world since the pre-historic periods, has witnessed both the birth and growth of great civilizations and the passage of various communities. The Anatolian land had contributed much to the development of various civilizations and many people have ruled here for thousands years. This study attempts to build up a bibliography including the main studies made in Turkey on the scientific activities of the civilizations and communities settled in Anatolia in the era from pre-historic times to Roman period. In so doing, it also aims to reveal the studies on the history of science in the pre-Islamic Anatolia. In this way it attempts to fix the achievements and stages passed over up to date by preparing a bibliography including the studies made in Turkey on various branches of science and technologies (medicine, mining expertise, architecture etc.) of the Anatolian civilizations that emerged before Muslims' entrance into Anatolia. Today, in Turkey the common target of the studies on pre-historic Anatolia is to bring the rich cultural heritage of the region forefront and to create a synthesis peculiar to the region. In this regard many disciplines have some responsibility and the results of the studies made in various branches of science should be used from the perspective of history of science. Currently, it is apparent that the number of Turkish scientists who have specialized in ancient Anatolian languages, cultures and sciences is very few. Actually this is a criterion that shows to what degree we claim on the cultural heritage before us. It is apparent that the studies on the history of ancient Anatolian science do not exceed the fingers of a hand which necessitates more studies on the subject.


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