Studies on 'Byzantine Science'

This article attempts to cover the studies on the scientific activities in the Byzantine Empire. It mainly contains the compilation and translation works of experts who did research and made evaluations on the studies made in Turkey on scientific activities in Byzantium. For this purpose, a selected bibliography on various aspects of Byzantine science such as education, engineering, architecture, medicine and mathematics, has been prepared. This bibliography also includes the studies that may have contributions for the history of science The Byzantine Empire, with its various aspects such as history, architecture, art, etc., has been the subject of many researches, both in Turkey and abroad. Nevertheless, it is apparent that the number of studies that were made in Turkey on Byzantine medicine, science and engineering is very limited. Among these few studies, this article aims to list the ones related to history of science, and short instructive information is given about them The studies on Byzantine science in Turkey include the following topics: general education-instruction institutions in Byzantium, medicine (medical education, doctors and hospitals), mathematics (significant mathematicians and their studies) and architecture (the technical characteristics of Byzantine architecture). It is apparent that most of the Turkish studies in the field have been produced referring to the original studies of Western scientists or they are in the form of direct interpretations. So it is necessary to increase the number of the original studies in the field.


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