A Literature Review on Turkish Math History (Republican History)

The history of mathematics is a quiet new branch of the history of science in Turkish intellectual environment as well as in other countries all over the world. The history of mathematics can illustrate the greatness, beauty and dignity of mathematics and, by doing so, of whole culture. The history of mathematics is essentially different from the history of other sciences in its relationship with the history of science. Because, mathematics is more esoteric than the other sciences, so its history can only be told to a selected group of initiates. It is true that there are some difficult questions which can not be explained easily in every science, but those questions are almost exclusively recent ones. On the contrary, in mathematics the difficulties began very early. There are problems which exercised the minds of men in the 5th century BC and can not be entirely explained to the non-mathematicians of today. The study of the history of science can describe how the continuous efforts and the accumulated genius of many generations have built up that magnificent monument, our mathematics. The bibliography listed in this article consists of books, papers and translations on the history of mathematics by Turkish researchers during Republican period. It also indicates the attention paid to the new subjects by Turkish scholars.


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