History of Medicine in Turkey

The history of medicine, which began to develop around the world in the nineteenth century, started to attract the attention of Turkish scholars only at the end of the same century. At the beginning, there were only few books written by medical doctors such as Hüseyin Remzi, Besim Ömer and Rıza Tahsin. However, the works produced by these medical doctors could not provide a strong starting point. The first important research was published by Osman Şevki Uludağ after 1923. After the reorganization of the universities in 1933, A. Süheyl Ünver focused on the subject at an academic level within a newly-established institute. After Ünver's comprehensive works, Adnan Adıvar in İstanbul and Feridun Nafiz Uzluk in Ankara gave the history of medicine an institutional basis. Today, there are around forty experts on the history of medicine in Turkey, and within the last century, approximately 4,500 books and articles have been published.


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